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Tasmania Zoo is home to 40+ devils and still growing. Tasmania Zoo started up with six adopted orphaned devils of mothers with DFTD, all of which have been microchipped and are in healthy condition.

Tasmania Zoo is privately owned and operated and is set within 900 acres of natural bushland. We operate completely on public, business and corporate donations or sponsorship.

At the time, no-one knew if the babies would also be infected.

But one of the many things we’ve learnt from this transmission trial is that mothers don’t pass on DFTD to their young. Today, all the animals remain disease free. Three generations later no sign of the disease.

The Tasmanian Disease Response was set up in March 2004, to address the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). There are several components to the DFTD project - diagnosis, field monitoring and management of wild and captive populations.

An important part of the captive program which will assist in our understanding of DFTD, includes monitoring young devils that were orphaned when their mothers died of the disease.

At this early stage of knowledge, as a representative measure it is necessary to house the orphans separately to all other captive devils.

Click here to find out more about the disease that is harming our Tasmanian devil population.

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