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Intruders release rare animals from Tasmania zoo, owner says - 4 August, 2012

Birds' heads torn off in rampage at zoo - 4 August, 2012


New exhibition Jurassic Swamp is open now!!!

All about Tasmania Zoo in Wildlife Rescue Magazine  2012

New Tasmania Zoo Aquarium open now. Don't miss out to see our Crocodiles, American Alligator, Seahorses, Fish and much more.(September / October 2011)

New Tasmanian Devil Interpretation Centre is open now at Tasmania Zoo (September 2011)

Celebration Threatened Species Day     (10th September 2011) 

National Threatened Species Day             (7th September 2011)

Tasmania Zoo's 8th Birthday Celebration (March 2011)

Meet some new arrivals (November 2010)

Tasmanian Devil
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