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Visitor 2, NSW
February 2010 Star - Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: This is one of the best zoo’s I have visited animals all in great health was a great pleasure to see it. Thank you.

Visitor 3, NSW
January 2010 - Star Rating (1-5) 5 +++

Comments: Great ZOO!! A lot of work & thought has gone into this park. Looks so pretty. Love the birds, devils, koalas and everything else. WELL DONE!! We hope to come back to Tassie in a couple of years so we will certainly come back to this this park.

Visitor 4, WA
November 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 10

Comments: Absolutely fantastic, so well set out, lovely & clean. All the animals are so health and relaxed. Very professionally run. A pleasure to view.

Visitor 5, USA - New York
November 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: Really worth coming to. Tasmanian Devils are great - watched the feeding. Wonderful.!!!!

Visitor 6, TAS
January, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 10

Comments: Great place to visit, had a lovely day will come back again = impressed by the natural bush setting & cleanliness of wildlife.

Visitor 7, USA
October, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) Cosmic—Galactic 500!!

Comments: What a wonderful way to spend the day. The staff is so helpful & friendly. The animals are fascinating. Haven’ t seen anything like this before.

Visitor 8, VIC
October, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5+

Comments: To visit your zoo has been the most wonderful experience & I will always remember and I will always remember & reflect on the special time I have spent here. Thank you for the time your spent explaining about your animals, birds etc. All of which was most appreciative & informative.

Visitor 9, ACT
September, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: Absolutely fantastic. Is the best experience ever! We have travelled from ACT to see the Tassie Devil. Well done for such a clean & friendly environment.

Visitor 13, TAS - Hobart
April, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: The best zoo I have been to and I have travelled world wide. So clean, birds are all clean and NOT over crowded. Keep up the good work. Congratulations. Well done and cheap food. Thank you.

Visitor 16, Saudi Arabia
September, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: Thank you so much to all the staff and all the gorgeous birds and cute furry animals. We are so lucky to have amazing wildlife in Oz! The Devils, Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats are still the stars. The park is wonderful. You all do such a great job. Love it!! Thank you.

Visitor 17, SA
October, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: A remarkable zoo. Possibly the BEST zoo I have seen throughout Australia. Birds (Hundreds) are so healthy... Congratulations, well done!!

Visitor 19, Scotland
August, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 10

Comments: Came a long way to see the devils, we spent a long time watching them. They are CRACKING!! The whole zoo is brilliant. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!! Best of luck to this zoo, it’s devils and future. (What a pity we don’t have them in Scotland!!)

Visitor 21, VIC
January, 2009 - Star Rating (1-5) 5

Comments: Very impressive enclosures. Good, clear talk about the Tasmanian Devils. Hope to be able to come back to see new additions of monkeys, alligators & penguins.

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