Animal Encounters
Animal encounters and souvenir photos provide you and your family with the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our zoo animals.
All encounters include:
An unforgettable encounter you will never forget  •  Health and safety briefing  •  Learn about your chosen animal and what Tasmania Zoo is doing to help the Species  •  Complimentary 6X8 photograph of your experience in a Tasmania Zoo souvenir folder

Animal encounters and souvenir photos do not require booking before coming to the zoo. Tickets are available on the day of your visit from our ticket sales office and Meerkat Munchies café for the following animals*:

Meerkat  •   Cotton-top Tamarin  •  Ring-tailed Lemur  •  Tasmanian Devil  •  Wombat  •  Koala  •  Snake  •  Marmoset  •   American Alligator  •   Freshwater Crocodile  •   Capybara

*Not all species may be available on day of visit. Prices from $20 per person
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